Thursday, July 5, 2012

No More Tears

It's not easy to say goodbye and leave familiar faces, places, and memories behind. And there is valid cause for tears… Because we were not created to ever say goodbye. Earth was created to be a haven of companionship, friendship, togetherness

Yet I cannot, will not, allow my tears to obliterate the signs of His love…
It's everywhere.

In countless boxes stacked inside a quickly-emptying basement and spread outside on the grass.
In many willing hands and hearts.
In meals generously prepared by loving hands.

In the laughter with a precious little friend I love dearly.
In a heart to heart talk with my friend of 12 years around the subdivision block one last time.
In joint tears while embracing my adopted little "sister."


In a big yellow truck branded, Penske.
In many passing miles, slowly carrying me away from one of the only homes I've known.
In phone calls and chats with friends.

In quiet silence driving a loaded van and trailer behind the truck.
In sunlight streaming through the hotel window.
In a song reminding me to Be Still

His love is impossible for me to ignore. I see the fingerprints of His infinite care for me everywhere I look. And this reassurance encourages me to never stop trusting, never stop singing…

I miss you my friends… And although I definitely hope to see each of you again still on earth, my greatest desire is to be reunited forever in the heavenly courts above.

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." {Revelation 21:4}

No more parting. No more tears.

Oh I long for that place


  1. "I cannot, will not, allow my tears to obliterate the signs of His love... It's everywhere." Amen.

  2. Tears...oh how I'm missing you. But I'm singing with voice is raised in an anthem of praise to the one who began our friendship in the beginning. He is soooo good and His tender arms have enveloped me in my sorrow and have drawn me ever nearer. I love you girl and agree 100% that this world is not our home....oh come quickly Lord Jesus!
    p.s. - And Lord willing that will not be our last walk together around the loop... :)

  3. Beautiful thoughts of His faithfulness and love. Oh... I want to go home so bad...

  4. Oh Glesni... I understand so well right now. It is so hard to leave the familiar, yet when it causes us to long for heaven even more, it becomes something beautiful. Praise God for His unfailing love in times like these!