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Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Question is Why

It's been a long time since my last post. And I've been traversing the country and world between now and then. I've learned a lot of things. Maybe I'll be able to share some of them sometime…

I've met many people this summer between ASI and YD and GYC Europe.
Some were old acquaintances, some were new.

I was privileged to hear many of their stories. Many were filled with life and joy and hope. But I also listened to accounts of broken heart after broken heart, broken home after broken home. And as I did, one question haunted me…


Why am I so blessed?

Why was I born into a Christian home?
Why was I born in a country of religious freedom?
Why have I escaped the all-too-common broken heart syndrome?
Why was I allowed to homeschool without authorities knocking on my door?
Why do I live in a home where my parents still love each other and love me even after 23 years?

Why am I so blessed?

I've pondered that question the entire summer.

The truth is, I've been blessed, not because I'm more special than any other individual on the planet, not because I've merited it and not because my parents were good people.

I have been blessed for this reason only…

…that I might be able to live my life to bless others without distraction.*

"Freely ye have received, freely give." {Matthew 10:8}

* Note: I do face personal trials and struggles on a daily basis, but all are relative when you compare them with the Cross. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Reprobate Silver

{Jeremiah 6}

A metal of value and worth, instrumental in trade and commerce, the worldly “mark of a man,” the proof of his wealth—yet the children of Israel were likened unto reprobate silver? Spurned, despised, worthless?

Yes. Most definitely.

We, as God’s people, are the instruments of trade with the earth, the ambassadors of our King—to reveal to the world in our deportment, words and actions His character. Yet we have defamed His name, marred His reflection, defiled His character.

Only He can recreate us into an element of perfection and beauty otherwise we shall be cast away as worthless silver…

Oh, may I not be found as reprobate silver, but precious and purified gold…