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Monday, July 9, 2012

Invested in a Promise

Spectators thought he was crazy.
Crowds of jeering people mocked him on every side.
Nobody believed a man would invest the entirety of his possessions in a promise.

The thought of such an immense body of water, called a flood, seemed ludicrous. Rain was an abstraction.
Yet Noah never doubted the promise of God.

Faith beyond the conceivable.

. . .

Would you stake your complete livelihood on a promise?
Be willing to yield everything in the trust of its fulfillment?
Endure ridicule, rejection and contempt when there is no tangible evidence of that promise?

I hope so.

Because we have a promise too…
The promise of eternity.

And though nations may scorn our faith in the intangible, we must trust the promise.
Regardless of appearances we must exercise faith beyond the conceivable.

. . .

Noah made an entire investment. He ventured everything in his possession for that promise.
Are we willing to do the same?