Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Burning Fire

{Jeremiah 20}

You can’t really blame Jeremiah. His life was one of hardship and constant derision.
I’m sure I would get tired of it too.

He had endured enough. Now he just wanted God to take care of all those who continually opposed him. 
All feelings of compassion had been drained from his heart. No message. No mercy. 

So he determines not to speak for God. But he cannot be silent…
The words of Omnipotence sear his heart like a burning fire.

And it is then that I realize…

Even in the midst of the fiercest trial or persecution, when it feels as though God is a distance fixture, He is yet within…
Burning away the dross of our carnal hearts.

And with fire comes pain. 
There is no ignorance of the blaze within. 

It sears. It hurts. It purges.

And it breaks our silence. 

When we are most vulnerable and weak, He can cleanse the deepest and reach our hearts best. 
And in the end, our scars will be trophies. The fire a prize. The pain our treasure…


  1. Your words touch a place in my heart that needed to be touched. Thank you.

  2. Amen. Oh, may those words of our Lord burn in my heart like that more... So much more...

  3. I am reading through the bible and I am in Jeremiah...sometimes it is so hard to read these terrible words. Thank you for teaching me the lesson of reading deeper...allowing His spirit to teach us the lessons He wants us to learn. Keep growing in the Lord! Hugs Auntie Diane