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Friday, November 8, 2013

Weak Hands, Feeble Knees

It's dark outside. Soft light streams over my shoulders. I love new mornings. My eyes scan the page as I absorb verse after verse.

The guidelines for the race. The provisions for the runner. These things call my attention.

I haven't run a race in a long time. At least an official one.
But I know the exertion, the endurance, the positive morale needed to finish any endeavor.

And I stop to think of races I have participated in or observed. Something disturbs me.
Each runner is only running for himself. 

He has the end goal continually before him. But he has no concern for the other runners.
His only concern is to win.

But we run a race in which all can be winners.
And we have no right to run past those who are weak just because we are stronger.

No right at all.

Instead we are obligated to lift up weary hands and feeble knees. Because we are not in this race for ourselves.
We have a duty to help those that are struggling to run beside us.

It would be a terrible thing to run through those gates of pearl alone.
Lord, give me eyes to see, lips to speak, hands to heal. And them to me today…

Monday, September 17, 2012

Running With Horses

{Jeremiah 12}

It is a question of endurance. Of strength. Of ability.
An unequivocal test of competence.

For if running with footmen over gentle terrain engenders fatigue,  
How can you expect to keep up with horses through tempestuous rivers?

If we tire in this life of peace and prosperity, there is serious concern for the future.
Now is when we are to train alongside the footmen and learn to tire not…

For soon we shall be contending with horses in the swelling of Jordan,
facing hardships we never dreamed existed.

Then it will be evidenced whether we were faithful in our training.

Endurance and strength are not built in a day.
Learn to run with footmen today so that you may run with horses tomorrow