Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plea for Pardon

{Jeremiah 14, 15}

Omnipotence seems settled in His verdict. Jeremiah equally decided in his.
A potential field for verbal conflict.

Dialog ensues.

God: “The entire nation of Judah is suffering from [spiritual] famine.”

Jeremiah: “On behalf of Your character, show Yourself to be faithful and mighty to save.”

God: “Don’t pray for the good of this people.”

Jeremiah: “The prophets proclaim there is no peril of famine or sword.”

God: “They speak only lies; for truly the sword and famine are prevalent throughout this nation.”

Jeremiah: “Have you completely rejected Judah? Is there no hope for us? For Your name’s sake, do not break your covenant with us. We will wait on You.

God: “Even if Moses and Samuel were standing before me, I still could not show favor towards these people. Because they have forsaken Me for other gods, I will forsake them to the results of their choices.”

A moment of silence transpires. The atmosphere is tense. The entire universe holds its breath.

God: “Nevertheless, I will be gracious with the remnant and cause thy enemies to flee.

I love that word!
Not compromise. No… But rather an indicator that Love is greater.

And Love can never disregard a plea for pardon from a sincere petitioner.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


{Jeremiah 13}

“More soap?”


“Good. Now the brush.”


“Don’t you have a stiffer one?”

“We have already rubbed him raw and he’s just a black as ever.”

“Then I’ll wash him more, that’s all.”*


The words from a favorite Christian classic enter my ears, yet don’t stop there.
They enter my heart

To us it seems so obvious. Of course you can’t wash off an Ethiopian’s rich skin tone.
It’s enough to be irritated about. Don’t they realize their efforts are futile?

Yet, do we?

Do we realize the utter impossibility of transforming our lives (or anyone's for that matter) into the image of Christ through our own endeavors?

Completely. Hopeless.

But I have news for you…
He has soap and brush infinitely more powerful than anything the two attempting to wash the Ethiopian possessed.

“… for He is like a refiner’s fire, and like fuller’s soap.”**

Yes, soap made from ashes. And a fire to turn dross into ashes.


Only when our dross is burst to ashes can we be instruments in the cleansing process.
And if my ashes can be someone’s salvation, then Lord, let me be burned…

Regardless of the pain.

* {Pilgrim’s Progress}
** {Malachi 3:2}

Monday, September 17, 2012

Running With Horses

{Jeremiah 12}

It is a question of endurance. Of strength. Of ability.
An unequivocal test of competence.

For if running with footmen over gentle terrain engenders fatigue,  
How can you expect to keep up with horses through tempestuous rivers?

If we tire in this life of peace and prosperity, there is serious concern for the future.
Now is when we are to train alongside the footmen and learn to tire not…

For soon we shall be contending with horses in the swelling of Jordan,
facing hardships we never dreamed existed.

Then it will be evidenced whether we were faithful in our training.

Endurance and strength are not built in a day.
Learn to run with footmen today so that you may run with horses tomorrow

Saturday, September 15, 2012

He Gives Again. . .

{Jeremiah 11}

It was no light matter. They had persisted in their course of wickedness.
The mercy of God had given. The justice of God must also give.

Consequences always follow disobedience.
Sometimes the results are unrecognized until distant future, yet always they exist.

There is nothing that pains God more than having to chastise His treasures.

Cursed though they were, hope and forgiveness were still extended from the Giver’s hand.
He would not give up on them until the last ray of melting mercy disappeared below the horizon of grace.
Until the last nail was driven into His palms. Until the last shout of “Crucify” faded into silent history.

And then, it would only be the people as a whole.
Individuals will ever move His heart to give again…

and again, and again…

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gone Before

{Jeremiah 10}

Our steps always end up going the wrong direction, no matter how hard we try…
Because “the way of man is not in himself.”*

Our only security is to follow the footsteps of Him who has gone before.

Embedded for centuries they stand unsullied, undamaged. They are engraved on a path strewn with rocks, sprinkled with blood and hedged about by thorns. Yet to the one who will closely examine the narrow track, they are there—ready to feel the tread of yet another soldier plant their feet firmly in their impress.

They will endure forever—a testimony to the One who has gone before

*{Jeremiah 10:23}

Monday, September 10, 2012

His Glory; Our Song

{Jeremiah 9}

Thorough testing…
Lessons in true wisdom…
The hidden gift of adversity…

Yes, these are His means for shaping soldiers. True soldiers.
And it is when we are smelted in His crucible that we learn our human wisdom is futile.

“Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom… but let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth Me…” {Jeremiah 9:23, 24}

When we know Him, all apparent hardships become fodder for glory’s blaze.

His glory is our song.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

False Security

{Jeremiah 8}

“Peace, peace,” they cry, “when there is no peace.” {Jeremiah 8:11}

The perceived security of being God’s chosen people is crumbling silently beneath their feet.
They have put their trust in the wrong places.

Horses and human wisdom will ultimately fail. Only One is safe to trust; only One will never let us down.

Throw off the false security of being a professed “Christian” and grasp the never-failing hand of the One who never fails…

Humanity may fail us. Heaven will not.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Test of Discipleship

{Jeremiah 7}
“Obedience is the test of discipleship. It is the keeping of the commandments of God that proves the sincerity of our professions of love.”* 

The people were commanded to obey, yet not in a dictator-like way. The call to obedience was but an earnest plea to do what would be in their best interest.

“Yet they hearkened not…”

Discipleship is shown through obedience.
Keeping His commandments proves our love.
Transformation of character evidences our genuine commitment.

A true disciple will obey.
No questions. No delays.

*{Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, 146}

Friday, September 7, 2012

Reprobate Silver

{Jeremiah 6}

A metal of value and worth, instrumental in trade and commerce, the worldly “mark of a man,” the proof of his wealth—yet the children of Israel were likened unto reprobate silver? Spurned, despised, worthless?

Yes. Most definitely.

We, as God’s people, are the instruments of trade with the earth, the ambassadors of our King—to reveal to the world in our deportment, words and actions His character. Yet we have defamed His name, marred His reflection, defiled His character.

Only He can recreate us into an element of perfection and beauty otherwise we shall be cast away as worthless silver…

Oh, may I not be found as reprobate silver, but precious and purified gold…

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

To Find One Faithful…

{Jeremiah 5}

“If you can find a man… I will pardon it.” {Jeremiah 5:1}

Just one. One individual with only two qualifications: execute justice and seek truth.

Could that be so hard to find amid a nation of professed people of God?
One earnest seeker and honest citizen?

Yet they had repeatedly neglected their spiritual relationship with their heavenly Father. They were not upholders of justice or seekers of truth. And because they had so completely spurned His gift of mercy, consequences must follow and His protecting hand be removed.

A high price to pay for disobedience.

I want to be one found faithful…

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Raising the Standard

{Jeremiah 4}

What has become of our standards? Our morals? The things our ancestors gave their lives for?
They hang tattered and neglected in moth-infested closets, forgotten by this generation.

“Set up the standard toward Zion…” says the faithful prophet.

We would do well to heed his plea.


Restoration of our standards can occur.
Our lives can reflect the King of Zion.

Under the marching orders of the Commander,
                                    we must unfurl our banners,
                                                hold the standard high,
                                                            march unashamedly
                                                                        live for one purpose alone—

… to show Christ to the world.
We are in His army. Let us hold the standard high.