Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Unpack the Power

Prayer = power.

I've heard it countless times before.

Yet this past weekend as I sat beneath the great white expanse of a makeshift meeting place, something the speaker said suddenly grabbed my attention.

"Unpack the prayer. Unpack the power."

Hand reaches for phone. Fingers type quickly.
Eyes return to the front, yet somehow my mind is slow to follow.

The thought strikes me.

Fail to pray and you forfeit the power.

How often do I really, really pray?
I mean, the kind of prayer that you know has Power behind it?

It's a challenge to me.

Unpack the prayer. Unpack the Power.


  1. Absolutely right! If we don't ask for the Holy Spirit or any other gift of God, we won't receive it!

  2. Unpack the prayer. Unpack the Power... Hmmm so true...Gles. Thanks for Sharing. ;)

  3. We were so blessed to see you at Campmeeting!!!