Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Different Dream

Sometimes I wonder how it can be so hard to let a dream die.

Just when you think you've come to the point of full surrender, of letting go, you wake up and realize that deep within the dream is still there. Suppressed maybe, but very much still there despite all heart-searing efforts to remove it.

It's an interesting feeling when your heart plays tug-of-war. One half sings. The other half cries. Yet in the end it knows what is best. It knows what will hurt least in the long run.

And that is to surrender. To let the dream die.
Because the dream was never mine to cherish in the first place…

In fact, no dream is mine to cherish.
No dream but One.

And so I pray a simple prayer.

Lord, make my life Your dream. And make my dream, You.

Photo Credit: Michel Lee


  1. This was a beautiful post. I've been in the middle of this lately, only in a slightly different way. In the end it is best to let go of your dream and live God's. Thanks for this post, I needed it :)

    Molly Marie

    1. He gifts us experiences to share. I'm glad you were blessed. I needed it too. :)

  2. Ah. So much of what I have been learning is surrender. I still haven't learned it, but am learning it. The pain is bittersweet...