Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Father's Love

[written a couple weeks ago]

I toss. I turn. I pray.
My pillow grows wet with tears.  

I have a friend on the line. 
And I am desperately clinging to the feet of Jesus. 


Hours pass. And yet I wrestle. 
And suddenly I am struck by this thought.

If I can so love, be so invested in one individual, if my heart can feel like it is breaking for one…

What does my Father's heart feel like when He has seven billion people to cry for?

I'm thankful He loves. I'm thankful He cares. 
And I'm thankful He sees where I do not. 


  1. Glesni.. what can I say? I have wondered this often -- I can only conclude that this is partly the reason only Divinity is capable of saving humanity, because only Divinity has a heart capable for the burden

  2. What can I say...
    This brings tears to my eyes.

  3. Oh....staggering thought. I cannot begin to imagine how much His heart must bleed.

  4. Have courage. God is mighty to save! I am right there with you... and have been thinking that exact thing. I'm just starting to understand how Jesus must have felt about His disciples. He prayed for them!!! I'm so tired of crying, so tired of the heart break, so tired of every thought being interrupted with thoughts of how they should be here sharing the good wholesome fun times. Do I hate sin enough to stop doing it? Am I holding on to socially acceptable vices like bitterness, pride and apathy? I realize I've too often been like that stupid herd of wildebeasts you've seen in nature videos who shrug their proverbial shoulders as the cheetah grabs one from the pack and rips him to shreds, "oh my, he's got Victor... well then, back to grazing." By God's grace, His sustaining strength this searing pain will not be in vain. I will stay fully clothed in the complete armor of God, I will watch and pray for every oportunity to love and lift the erring ones up, I will make planned effort to fight back to rescue every precious soul the enemy has snatched... relying on the Holy Spirit to lead and direct when and what to say and do. I may not live on this earth to see the result of my prayers and labor, but I pledge to live in a way they will know where to find me throughout eternity, should they choose. God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.