Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Day; This Battle

A silent mantle of mist slowly rises as sunlight creeps down the coniferous hillside.  
I walk. I run. I wrestle. I pray.

It is a theme I cannot deny. 
Everywhere I turn, everywhere I go, I see fresh reminders of its undisguised reality.

Thoughts in the shower,
     wood-splitting with my brother,
          conversations with friends,
               work with saws and sanders,
                    recent blogposts,
                         a walk with my dear Mother,
                              family worships and personal devotions…

Evidences are everywhere.
There is a real battle to fight. Conflicts to engage in. Souls to be won.

Rest is not an option. There is no time to live mediocre Christianity.
I’m learning, a part-time Christian is no Christian at all.

In my half-asleep reality, it seems so real. The wrestling arena is filled. 
The atmosphere is intense. And then I see Him. His powerful form causes 
the strongest black-cloaked wrestler to shudder. There is no question who 
will come off Victor. My Savior can win every wrestling match. 

So it’s off to the thick of battle…
I must wrestle for those who cannot wrestle for themselves, holding the arm of the Divine.

“If God be for us, who can be against us?”


  1. I too had such a run this morning. There is so much at stake. How can we let the devil win? Oh, but there's no greater joy than seeing and experiencing victory. To the battle we go. By His grace we shall win!!