Sunday, August 19, 2012

Touched by God

{Jeremiah 1}

I cannot speak. I am just a child. I am unqualified.
Excuse. Excuse. Excuse.

When God touches your life, excuses hold no validity.

God says what He means.
His word enables.

"We are to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect, not by struggle and effort, but by the impartation of that which is Perfect." {Oswald Chambers}

“Be ye therefore perfect…”

Yes… Be.


  1. Truly? Why do we wrestle and flail so? Oh I want to rest in His ability and let go of my feeble efforts. Thank you for coloring the promise clear. :)

  2. That reminds me, when Jesus had bidden the lame man to stand up and walk, the man didn't say,"Oh, it is impossible to walk. I cannot walk!" He put complete faith in Jesus word, so that it was as though he he had never been lame before. That is a good lesson.