Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plea for Pardon

{Jeremiah 14, 15}

Omnipotence seems settled in His verdict. Jeremiah equally decided in his.
A potential field for verbal conflict.

Dialog ensues.

God: “The entire nation of Judah is suffering from [spiritual] famine.”

Jeremiah: “On behalf of Your character, show Yourself to be faithful and mighty to save.”

God: “Don’t pray for the good of this people.”

Jeremiah: “The prophets proclaim there is no peril of famine or sword.”

God: “They speak only lies; for truly the sword and famine are prevalent throughout this nation.”

Jeremiah: “Have you completely rejected Judah? Is there no hope for us? For Your name’s sake, do not break your covenant with us. We will wait on You.

God: “Even if Moses and Samuel were standing before me, I still could not show favor towards these people. Because they have forsaken Me for other gods, I will forsake them to the results of their choices.”

A moment of silence transpires. The atmosphere is tense. The entire universe holds its breath.

God: “Nevertheless, I will be gracious with the remnant and cause thy enemies to flee.

I love that word!
Not compromise. No… But rather an indicator that Love is greater.

And Love can never disregard a plea for pardon from a sincere petitioner.

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