Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From Broken to Beautiful

I look down into dark beautiful eyes, still searching to answer the question of focus and stroke incredibly soft olive skin. I gently finger a dainty nose, delicate ears and tiny lips, all the while fighting mixed emotions.

(Forgive iPhone quality!) :)

Tears from a broken heart and smiles from a heart full of joy clash violently.  Why should such a tiny bundle of joy, still several ounces shy of five pounds, have to face such an uncertain future?

Merely the meaning of her name (unconsciously chosen) encourages me to trust her in my Father’s hands. Kirstin—follower of Christ.

I heard a staggering statistic the other week.
One out of three children grow up without their biological father. One in three.
The United States is the leading country for fatherless homes.

If that doesn’t cause your eyes to become moist, read it again.

Our fathers, our leaders are absent.
It is no wonder society is so utterly degraded and our nation is spinning out of control.

Yet sitting in the darkened NICU hospital room, gazing into dark little eyes, I can’t help but be amazed at God’s creative power. How He can turn the results of the ugliest situation into something so perfect, so completely dependent, so innocent.

And I ponder how God can take me, an ugly result of sin and transform me into an innocent little girl, learning to be entirely reliant on Him, entitled to be adopted in His family, to become an heir of eternal riches.

Yes, He makes all things beautiful in His time…

I choose to trust Him.

{Note: This is not my baby, just the daughter of a friend.}


  1. I'm trusting with you...oh...pray...all we can do is pray and trust...she's gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful... I thank God that He gave us true Christian parents; so thankful... Thank you Gles!

  3. Is that your baby? Or is it someone else's? I am a bit confused, sorry if I am overstepping, I am just confused. :)

    1. No, this is not my baby. It's the baby of a friend. Sorry for the confusion. :)

  4. Oh, thanks! No problem! It just sounded as if it was yours! :) Thanks for explaining though! :)