Saturday, July 21, 2012

His Power Never Goes Out

The lights flicker. And flicker again. And finally go out.
A soft evening glow falls softly through the window setting a new ambiance to our Friday evening.

After a moment's consideration Dad resumes reading one of our family's favorite book series, Jungle Doctor, by the faint light of dusk. The family is cozily situated on the floor of the bedroom. I close my eyes and listen, laugh, cry.

Blink. The power bursts back on. Despite the adventure darkness might have been for a while, light is a good thing. Power sustains life.

After the last chapter of the evening is concluded and prayer offered, I sit thinking…

My Power Source never flickers or dims. He cannot have a power failure. He is continually available if I will but flip the switch and turn on the Power. If I make the choice, nothing can interrupt my connection.

His Power never goes out.  

No. Never.


  1. Oh Glesni, is that Jungle Doctor series the one by Dr. Paul White, the missionary to Africa???
    If so, have you read the Jungle Doctor Goes West? That's the only one we have in the series.

    PS Thanks for being my friend on Scripture Typer!!
    Since your family has moved, will you still be coming to IN Family Camp?

    1. It definitely is the series by Paul White! Our family absolutely loves those books! You should read the rest of them!

      Lord willing, we are still planning on coming to INFC. Looking forward to seeing you then! :)

  2. I *LOVE* Jungle Doctor! I have read just about all of them and we are working on buying them all. I totally grew up on Jungle Doctor and I know what you mean by reading it by twilight, Dad has read it to us so many times by torch light or firelight or something!

    1. Dad grew up on the books with his family and we have grown up on them too. I think this is at least our fourth time reading through the series. :)

  3. I am so glad that God never rests, or cannot at ANY time fail to hear our prayers!

  4. Amen! Praise Him...what a God we serve!