Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gift of the Crucible

Has it really been an entire week since I was surrounded by nine energetic faces ranging from age one to thirteen and laughing with one of my best friends? It’s a thought hard to comprehend. So much has transpired between now and then, but the memories are as vivid as though it were yesterday.

Those 36 hours were filled with laughter, creativity, discipline, hugs, tears and mischief yet I wouldn’t have traded that last weekend for anything.

From dirty faces covered in the remnants of a traditional African meal, to reenacting David and Goliath, to playing tag in the oppressive heat, to cuddly kids, to dealing with obedience issues, to getting all nine kids through the shower, to hours of reading Swift Arrow, to making sure everyone ate their food, to baby smiles, to crying onion tears… Yes, they are memories I will never forget.

Yet after the flurry of the Crucible had abated and I found myself on a truck headed to Idaho, I contemplated the concept of a crucible again. And it was then that I realized that the crucible is the epitome of my Savior’s love.

For it is in the searing heat of trials that we learn to hear His voice best. It is only when we feel our complete incompetence to live a godly life that He can truly align our heartbeat with His and tune our lips to sing His praise…

The crucible is a precious gift.


  1. Memories forever held dear...that's 36 hours I consider full of miracles. The biggest being your presence...nothing is too hard for our Father. He knew how much I could do and sent me my dearest one to fill the void. Truly...He is good. Oh for grace to trust Him more...especially when the fire burns.

  2. ...a gift I have the privilege to call mine... A gift I cherish. Thanks for sharing, Gles. :)

  3. Oh, beautiful crucible.... precious gift indeed.

    After storm the rainbow shineth
    Promise writ in light above
    Even so across our sorrow
    Shines the rainbow of his love.

    1. What a beautiful poem, Paul! So very true… Did you write it?

  4. Ah, Glesni...I remember being so puzzled at first as I read this blog post, wondering what on earth you were talking about! lol Now, having been through "The Crucible" myself, I finally understand. :) And it is so precious to look back through the pictures of these precious kids, and to be able to truly relate to the lessons you've learned.

    1. Oh yes, sorry… Didn't mean to make it confusing. :) I'm glad we now share the experience. ;)